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Inhale the smell of teen spirit from Michelle Kwan fandom, bank robberies, and monsters-in-the-making.

In this program


Directed by Kenya Gillespie

Olympic skater Michelle Kwan helps Mao resist neighborhood bullies and build an inner world of pure joy.

Logan Lee & The Rise of The Purple Dawn

Directed by Raymond C. Lai

DJ Logan Lee tries to win back his ex with his wheels of steel but discovers she’s with an evil alien who can only be seen with “Purple Dawn,” a mysterious strain of danktastik pot slung by his wheelchair-bound Auntie Bobbie. Could this also explain the appearance of Randall Park, Lyrics Born, and Dan the Automator?


Directed by Allan Zhang Tran

It’s ditch day in the San Gabriel Valley as two high school seniors realize they might be on very different paths.

Red Ladies

Directed by Parida Tantiwasadakran

Somewhere deep in Orange County, a daughter hilariously tries to sabotage her mother’s campaign to become the first Asian American Republican assemblywoman.

The 90 Day Plan

Directed by Gabriela Garcia Medina

How will Lorena, a high school girl (obsessed with heist movies), and her bff (obsessed with butt implants) prevent eviction? Three words: rob a bank.

The Rose of Manila

Directed by Alex Westfall

What is love when made real? Beauty. Archival footage and reenactment evoke a formative moment in the life of young Imelda Marcos, the infamous wife of Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos.


Directed by Nolan Valerio

Teresa comes to terms with her father’s death while reconciling “losing her religion” and her desire to escape from her younger brother and religious mother. 


Directed by Sam Mohney

A campus heist becomes a business student’s escape from a soulless corporate future, as he convinces two friends to steal the “Golden Spike,” the spike that completed the Transcontinental Railroad, to get rich quick.


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