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When social distance becomes social compression, these narratives find a way out.

In this program

There Were Four of Us

Directed by Cassie Shao

Peel through layers of dreams, explosions of color, and kinetic mixed media in an animation unlike any other.


Directed by Sonia K Hadad

An adrenaline-soaked ride as a teen girl in Iran runs drugs for her family, but gets stuck with a bag check at school.

Out of Place

Directed by Peier "Tracy" Shen

Parallel stories of two lonely neighbors living side-by-side. Hui studies piano and grapples with her own inadequacy, while Chamo lives with friends while avoiding a fractured marriage.

No More Parties

Directed by Natalie Murao

Rose awkwardly hobbles through a night of karaoke with her friends… well, make that “friends”… only to stumble upon another lonely young woman crooning in Chinese.


Directed by E.C. Timmer

A sweet portrait of optimism amidst loneliness, Jenny spends hours at home alone, practicing dance routines to show her dad while he works late hours.


Follow up your shorts screenings with a treasure trove of 10 minute mini Q&As with select filmmakers from SHORTS:…