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SHORTS: ❤️ Beats

A cinematic ode to all that moves us—the rhythms, rituals, dances, and songs that heal, supercharge, and subvert the system.

In this program

The Fourfold

Directed by Alisi Telengut

In this stunning stop-motion animation, paint, moss, and glitter become milk, water, fire— spiritual offerings as images, which accompany the voice of the filmmaker’s grandmother sharing the sacred beliefs of nomadic Mongolic peoples.

Hawaiian Soul

Directed by ʻĀina Paikai

The legacy of Hawaiian musician and land defender George Jarrett Helm lives on in contemporary Indigenous movements and activism. A reminder of the power of his songs and work to stop the US bombing of the Hawaiian island Kaho’olawe.

Lion on the Mat

Directed by Asail Echols

A badass Vietnamese American woman finds strength and healing through the power of Jiu Jitsu.


Directed by Caili Quan, Elliot deBruyn, Nathaniel Brown

From a cold and grey NYC, choreographer and dancer Caili Quan pays tribute to Guam, the island home she left years ago.

A Sand on the Seafloor

Directed by Joo young (Judy) Kim

A filmmaker and dancer’s collaborative meditation on patience. In a minute, a moment, eternity—the crashing of the waves, the flicker of film, sand on the seafloor.

FITNESS! or a story about SWEAT

Directed by Kana Hatakeyama

With the deliciously offbeat humor of a laggy music video stream, here comes a woman’s fitness journey in an era of optimization.

Little Sky

Directed by Jess X. Snow

A love letter to queer Asian youth who may be struggling to navigate their own family dynamics while attempting to find their community.

Dates & Times


UltraStar Cinemas Mission Valley

Sun, Oct 31
2:45 pm