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Free program

Kimchi-steeped celluloid, digital tours of ancestral homes, and love poems cobbled by DVD menus are just some of the methods on offer in this time-testing slate of shorts, where animation in expanded form draws the what-if recesses of our pasts and futures.

In this program

Mountain Lodge

Directed by Jordan Wong

A jagged desktop space-time orbits a Tumblr dedicated to Yankee Candle’s “Mountain Lodge” scent, evoking the absolutely absurd and indescribable experience of getting lost online.

Rumi and His Roses

Directed by Navid Sinaki

A memory of first queer love furtively housed in DVD menus as love poems. An opaque and pixelated shrine.

Golden Jubilee

Directed by Suneil Sanzgiri

Wandering through virtual halls of an ancestral home in Goa, 16mm direct animation, digital renderings, and surveillance technologies form a poem-reflection on colonialism’s legacy on a family and land.

Blue Land

Directed by Keem Youngle

A speculative essay-film that writes the Smurfs into seminal moments of the past hundred years of Korean history, spanning the transition from state to colony to dueling countries, to the color blue, and everything in between.

we didn’t see it as a tidal wave

Directed by Gi (Ginny) Huo, Saif Al-Sobaihi

A super 8 stop motion film that uses family archives from the first Mormon to be baptized in Incheon, Korea [choir sings] exploring how religion writes the rhythms of our everyday lives.

Reliving the Past by Sea

Directed by Caitlin Ann Shieh

Found film strips undergo decomposition by vinegar, mud, cheese, nato beans, beer, and kimchi, and project a vision of a seaside (and seasoned) memory that is as epic as it is ordinary.

Three Missing Letters

Directed by H. Lan Thao Lam, Lana Lin

Snail mail becomes a stranger-than-fiction speculative site in this experimental documentary, which reimagines three lost letters from a failed 1934 experiment in delivering mail-by-rocket at the border of India and Nepal.

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