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The ordinary is uncanny in these stories of unresolvable desire and that which hangs heavy on our days. Featuring haunted home videos, foreign language fonts, and a late night busful of fated strangers.

In this program


Directed by Bryan Sih

Take a seat at the table for a family dinner to remember, featuring a hungry ghost who refuses to forget.


Directed by Jayil Pak

​​A font, a place, and a reckoning: in their quest for justice after her untimely death, the parents of a victim of sexual violence find the other side of her shattered American Dreams.

To Know Her

Directed by Natalie A. Chao

In this poetic-associative investigation of the blank shape called ‘mommy,’ a young woman grapples with her mother’s memory through home movies left behind.

Beyond the Lake My Sister Sleeps

Directed by AnQi Yu, Mel Guo

How else to explain to a child the pervasive nature of death in the family? A young boy navigates a family curse when his sister suddenly dies.

How To Stop Being Chinese

Directed by Isaac Kau

Three young women follow a five-part guide evoking Chinese superstitions in their attempt to disconnect themselves from over 4,000 years of ancestral heritage.

Night Bus

Directed by Joe Hsieh

In this hand-drawn animation, secrets lurk behind shuttered eyelids as motley few ride the last bus of the night.

Dates & Times


UltraStar Cinemas Mission Valley

Sun, Oct 31
7:25 pm