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What do nostalgia for and dreams of a future look like in Hong Kong, a place that has always been in a state of impermanence, taking on chameleon-like identities? The makers of these shorts examine the urgent and emergent in a city in flux.

In this program

An Invitation

Directed by Hao Zhao, Yeung Tung

A boy from mainland China visits his estranged father in Hong Kong to apply for a permanent identity card. In response, the father asks him to consider going to school there.

Never Rest/Unrest

Directed by Tiffany Sia

How do you consume the disintegration of a society from afar? Often, in the same ways as locals do—through online and social media. Deliberately unsubtitled, images interrogate our cultural proximity to—and distance from—Hong Kong.


Directed by Jennie MaryTai Liu, Simon Liu

A parable about control and an emanant vision of a changing people and place. Mesmerizing images coupled with public relations language from law enforcement agencies lend this short a special resonance in a post-protest setting.

She Leaves

Directed by Chu Hoi Ying

A young woman’s retired parents want to leave Hong Kong, but their daughter is hesitant to join them because she is in a secret relationship with a married man, who has trouble imagining his own future—with or without her.

The Night

Directed by Tsai Ming-liang

Director Tsai Ming-liang films Hong Kong by night, through empty passageways shimmering with nocturnal bustle and ghostly reverberations. A song from the past fills the dead air: “The beautiful night is slipping away.”

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