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Who says looks aren’t everything?! Delivering eerie monochrome surrealisms, live-action anime aesthetics, and Nickelodeon-esque neons, these high-style short films work from the outside in, at once seducing audiences and subverting expectations.

In this program

Strawberry Cheesecake

Directed by Siyou Tan

Behind a cloud of pastel colored vape smoke, three teen girls in Singapore plot against their overly strict teacher. Revenge is sweet.

Learning Tagalog With Kayla

Directed by Kayla Abuda Galang

Beginning with conversational phrases and common expressions, Kayla lets the world know that although she’s stuck at home, she is “okay lang.”

Sunrise in My Mind

Directed by Danech San

A languid love story between a delivery boy and a hair salon worker. What cannot be said between them is told with looks, body language, and sensual shampoo treatments.

The Trees Ahead

Directed by Yuta Yamaguchi

Through movement, poetry, and sound, film becomes a walking meditation. Take a breath.

The Cup

Directed by Lam Li Shuen, Mark Chua

In stark black and white, a creature, part-man, part-machine, drifts through his day. With nowhere to go and little to do, some havoc will surely ensue.


Directed by Tulapop Saenjaroen

An anarchic, explosive celebration of the metaphysical characteristics of slime. And by extension, all things #oddlypleasurable.

Yoshida Nobuo

Directed by Kenichiro Tanaka

In the near future, fashionable freedom fighters battle the deadly and repressive forces of SOMA. You’ll swear you saw this before on an unlabeled VHS, and nobody will believe you.

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