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  • 87 mins

Sonically spiritual, tender to the touch, or #ASMRAF, these shorts use the force of sound to mesmerize, lull, and transport their viewer to other realms of the heart and imagination.

In this program

birthday song

Directed by Erica Sheu

SDAFF alum Erica Sheu makes a film for her birthday; playfully printing and cutting, projecting and obscuring, she celebrates with celluloid confetti. Projected on 16mm.

The Wind Carries Us Home

Directed by Udval Altangerel

Featuring an immersive score and haunting, dreamlike images of the Gobi desert, Mongolian sisters—the filmmaker’s aunts—travel to their ancestral land to re-experience their births.

A Place in Blue

Directed by Seung eon Yi

A hand-painted animation about a young girl’s search for her mother in different spaces: the home, the grocery store, a car ride, a forest in a story her mother once told, captured in the language of blue.

Pretend You’re There

Directed by Katie Colosimo

Katie Colosimo recounts life’s simple pleasures in this brief, sweet meditation on positive thinking.

Dust In The Wind

Directed by Zhishui Lin

Striking and powerful images describe a woman’s transformative confrontation with the cosmic cycles of life and death. When the ritual is done and the rabbit has died, what is reborn?

Soft Sounds of Peeling Fruit

Directed by So Young Shelly Yo

Hayoung is stuck between worlds. The sweet days with her rich boyfriend, the promises of the future she could have if she plays her cards right, and the poverty she experiences with her mother. In order to find herself, she must decide what she values.

Blue Garden

Directed by Natalie Murao

Recollections of her grandfather’s tomato garden uncover hidden histories in Natalie Murao’s hybrid doc-animation about intergenerational memories of Japanese internment.

Instant Life

Directed by Andrew Kim, Anja Dornieden, Juan David Gonzalez Monroy

In 1945, a silent film is made; in 1981, it’s remade as three films with sound; in 2022, the 1981 films are remade exactly—at the heart of it all, a riddle. Projected on 16mm.

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Wed, Nov 9
4:00 pm