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SDAFF Drive-In! presents GET THE HELL OUT


Directed by Wang I-Fan

Cast: Bruce Ho, Megan Lai

Part of SDAFF Drive-In! on SAT Oct 24 @Zion Market. For more information, please visit SDAFF Drive-In!

Only one ticket is required per vehicle.

Per SDAFF tradition, wearing costumes is highly encouraged!

Official Selection, 2020 Toronto International Film Festival
Official Selection, 2020 Taipei Film Festival

The political gets personal in this horror comedy that takes place in one of the scariest spaces of all time–the government. A zombie outbreak unleashes mayhem on a chaotic political arena known more for fistfights than diplomacy. With a lime green power suit and a killer roundhouse, Hsiung (Megan Lai of Fagara, SDAFF ‘19) is a Member of Parliament who’s hellbent on stopping a chemical plant from coming to her hometown, especially since she’s sure it’s releasing a rabies virus. When her temper gets the best of her, she’s forced to resign and recruits Wang, a childhood friend with a rare blood disease, to fight against the opposition—a neon-clad gangster MP with a penchant for corruption and a lust for power. 

Unbeknownst to everyone, the very assemblyroom where politicians and press gather is also Ground Zero for zombies! As the infection widens, power plays get rabid, rapidly. Filled with spurting neck juice and jaws of fury, director Wang I-Fan makes a splash with this relentlessly wacky directorial debut. The film’s vigorously cartoonish editing paired with its stylish slapstick delivers grindhouse and video game frenzy as a ragtag team of government employees must bodyslam their way out of hell. As our heroes cut through the blood-red tape, one of them holds the secret to stopping the virus from triggering a pandemic. The country’s fate lies in their bloodstained hands.

Carmela Prudencio

Dates & Times


SDAFF Drive-In! @ Zion Market

Sat, Oct 24
7:00 pm