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Directed by Kate Reilly, Leung Ming Kai

Cast: Cheok Mei Leong, Gregory Wong, Jessica Lam, Kate Reilly, Mia Mungil, Yiu Sing Lam, Zeno Koo

This film is available to view in California only. Limited tickets.

Official Selection, 2020 International Film Festival Rotterdam

A young immigrant humorously listens to an elderly woman’s same old stories as they take a short trip to the city. Two brothers reminisce about growing up in the aisles of their family toy store. Two teachers–one local, the other American–spend their days exploring culinary delights and flirting across professional and cultural lines. A barista decides to run for election against a slate of conservative candidates.

Leung Ming-kai and Kate Reilly’s film brings all of these people together in a jovial embrace with this lively anthology that captures the current historical moment as Hong Kong struggles to break free from its past and take control of its future. As it progresses from a sense of nostalgia to the hunger of a new generation’s desire for change, Memories to Choke On, Drinks to Wash Them Down reminds us that the old are here to help us remember, and the young are here to help us dream.

–Yang Jiang