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Directed by Dave Boyle

Cast: Chadd Stoops, Goh Nakamura, Lynn Chen, Parry Shen

Grand Jury Prize, 2011 San Diego Asian Film Festival

Director Dave Boyle kept running into musician Goh Nakamura, touring from city to city. The filmmaker was a fan, and with an idea to shoot a shoestring budget movie, Boyle offered Goh the role to play himself in SURROGATE VALENTINE. 

The romantic comedy follows Goh as he scrapes by playing gigs. When he reluctantly agrees to teach guitar to TV star Danny Turner for a film, Danny tags along with Goh on a comical road trip, helping Goh’s career and maybe even his love life when high school crush Rachel (Lynn Chen) shows up.

Boyle’s first film in the trilogy is a cinematic valentine for the romantics, the skeptics, and most of all, the artists everywhere struggling to do what they love.

Mye Hoang