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Long shorts that simmer low and slow—whether between family, friends, or places long departed, they sketch the inheritances, distortions, and reverberations that draw loved ones together and drift them apart.

In this program


Directed by Don Josephus Raphael Eblahan

In the Philippines, funeral halls ring with the howls of professional mourners. Under her mother’s tutelage, Mona trains to join these grieving women, but despite her efforts, her eyes stay dry.

Everything Stays

Directed by Cole Bacani

Though family bonds are woven strong, Gabe deliberates the heartbreaking decision to break the ties that bind and chase his dreams.

to live here

Directed by Melanie Dang Ho

Between Vietnam and New Orleans, in the wake of diaspora and disaster, one asks: where is here, and where is elsewhere? Is the past haunting the present, or the present flooding into the past?

Day is Done

Directed by Zhang Dalei

Shortly before moving to Russia, a young filmmaking student visits his grandfather with his parents, in a short that tracks the smallest of details that make up the substance of people, their relationships to each other, and the inhabitance of the everyday.

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