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  • 120 mins

Introducing twelve fresh perspectives, in twelve stories deeply relevant to the broader San Diego community. From our Reel Voices documentary filmmaking program.

In this program

Logging Linda Vista

Directed by Césaire José Carroll-Domínguez

A meditative time capsule of a documentary, exploring the physical and emotional landscape of an often overlooked San Diego neighborhood at a key moment of change.

Priceless Pride

Directed by Sophie Zeng

An exploration of the commercialization of Pride today, asking whether it contributes to—or detracts from—support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Next Gen

Directed by Sophia Hernandez

Teenage children of immigrants reflect on resilience as they balance embracing American culture and their respective family heritage.

Hanging By a Wire

Directed by Jansen Espares

This introspective documentary explores expressions of love, but when its filmmaker’s vision begins to fall apart, they find their love of film through the ups and downs of the production process.


Directed by Desta Chery

Young Black women reflect on their relationships to and experiences with their natural hair, discussing everything from different styles to bonding with others.

The Valorant Ones

Directed by Junobi Ree

An experimental doc exploring the quiet feelings running through teen friendship, many homelands, storytelling, and loss.


Directed by Kyle Tianshi

A piano teacher born in Odessa, Ukraine chronicles her journey as an American immigrant in a turbulent century. Grieving the Russian invasion of her homeland and battered by family loss, she turns to classical music as a light, a home, and a unifier of diverse communities.

Piece of Mind

Directed by Daniel Alejandro Zasueta

A young filmmaker reconnects with his father’s spirit through music and memories left behind. This reflective documentary embraces the past to guide the future.

Alice in Instagram

Directed by Khang Nguyen

High school students explore the wonderland-like inspirations and tensions that social media has imparted on their social and creative lives.

Mestizo Love

Directed by Solia Y. Reyes

A real-life rom-com of two interracial couples exploring love, experience, and culture in one big family.


Directed by Lily Tran

A story about a young, Asian American Berkeley student who, throughout adolescence, used hard work and perseverance to find himself as an individual.


Directed by COZA

San Diego’s AnakBayan Organization heads to the Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles to protest against Philippine President Marcos Jr., and his choice to continue Duterte’s bloody war.

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Sun, Nov 6
12:00 pm