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My Missing Valentine


Directed by Chen Yu-hsun

Cast: Duncan Chou, Liu Kuan-ting, Patty Lee

This film is available to view in California only. Limited tickets.

Best Film, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, 2020 Golden Horse Awards
Official Selection, 2020 Busan International Film Festival

Most rom-coms don’t begin with rumors of teleportation. Chen Yu-Hsun’s MY MISSING VALENTINE is not most rom-coms. It may have a typical set-up: repressed romantic Yang Hsiao-chi meets a fitness guru hunk (Duncan Lai) and they decide to compete in a Valentine’s Day chemistry contest. But when Yang wakes up, she discovers she’s lost both her Valentine’s Day and her Valentine’s date!

Since childhood, Yang (Patty Pei-Yu Lee) has always moved just a bit faster than everyone else: starting races a second before the whistle, waking up moments before her alarm, and (much to her mother’s chagrin) blinking a millisecond before the shutter closes in every photo. In her job at a post office, her efficiency is certainly a boon. So when Valentine’s Day is left in the dust, she can’t help wonder if speeding ahead has ruined her chance at love. Little does Yang realize, other curiosities are afoot in an altogether different time zone.

In true rom-com style, one lost love is not all love lost. As Yang scrambles to find her missing Valentine, love’s mystery isn’t the only one that unravels. Chen Yu-Hsun’s award winning film is persistently comedic, subtly eccentric, and deeply heart-warming as it dodges in and around a love story that time carries from impossibility into inevitability.

–Emily Liu & Ant Lorenzo

Co-Presented by Alliance of Chinese Americans, San Diego, Japanese American Citizens League San Diego, UC San Diego I-House